My work explores the non-linguistic expressiveness of matter. I make slight interventions to materials and spaces to reveal their ability to hold memories or associations and examine how these can be transformed, shifted or even removed. I endeavour to activate materials by utilising their physical qualities and behaviour, or by altering their form or placement. Time contained within matter, either in the processes that produce it or enable its accumulation is made visible.

The decisions I make rely upon a shared agency. A careful negotiation takes place between the rules and systems that belong to things and those that I create. Whilst I seek to acquire an intimate understanding of a material, I enjoy the fact that it can, nevertheless, elude control. These points of resistance at the boundaries of possibility often lead to unanticipated lines of enquiry.

By implementing a single activity or set of repetitive performances I seek to direct attention to barely perceptible change. While certain actions are embodied and discernible within the material, others remain more reticent. The correlation between the private performance, its observation, and the presentation of an outcome can be ambiguous. The temporal and sometimes precarious manifestation of this process can be vulnerable in its emergence.

I am interested in the anticipation created by the potential for the work to change, collapse, or become unstable and the interplay between chance and intention. The experience of a particular moment within the work acts as an invitation to imagine, that which escapes measurement or perception. The observable is merely a small part of what occurs.











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